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EcoJohn Sr. Propane Incinerating Toilet
ECOJOHN™ Sr is an environmentally friendly toilet that leads the way in the waterless disposal of waste. It was developed to solve economical and logistical problems in remote applications; In many applications there is no sewage system available; septic tanks may not be allowed; or it is simply to difficult to install a regular toilet. In these situations the Sr model is ideal. ECOJOHN™ Sr is a waterless self-contained toilet that incinerates the waste into a sterile ash that needs to be emptied only a few times per year. Installing the Sr is also very easy. Simply connect the chimney system (than comes with the purchase), hook up the Propane and power connection, and the toilet is ready to use. Thus, whether you have a cabin, a pool house, a guest house, or a camp ground, the Sr model is a great solution that can make your living condition much more comfortable and cleaner.



PAPER BOWL LINER $69.95 100 Pieces
The EcoJohn Sr. requires Propane and either two 12V Batteries or 110V AC Electric.

Power consumption for this unit is minimal. The electric is only used to run the auger which moves the waste into the combustion chamber. The electric also powers the igniter and control panel to begin the incinerating cycle.
Method of Operation:

The toilet is equipped with two flush buttons: a waste button and a liquid waste button. After usage, one of the two flush buttons has to be pressed to start the incineration process. When flushed, waste is transported out of the toilet bowl by an auger into a “burn chamber” and the incineration process starts up. A short burn cycle (liquid waste) takes approximately 5-10 minutes, and a long burn cycle (waste) about 25-30 minutes. Ingenious design allows the “burn chamber” to incinerate the waste without any danger to the user: if the toilet lid gets lifted up, the incineration process shuts down until the lid has been closed again. Also when the lid is open, the auger won’t run (another feature to ensure safety). ECOJOHN™ Sr is equipped with circuit cards that controls the burn cycles. The burning process does not take place until the toilet seat cover is down, thus insuring an added dimension of safety. A vent pipe removes the harmless resultant steam from the burning chamber. As an option, one can purchase an extra catalytic converter with fan that cleans the air and eliminates any unpleasant odors. Additionally, ECOJOHN™ Sr boasts of unmerited efficiency by reducing waste into miniscule deposits of ashes, the likes of which needs only to be removed every 3 to 6 months (average usage). This model is ideal for any waterfront facility, where waste runoff and seepage must be ardently controlled, cabins, guest houses, or other remote areas where plumbing is not available or too costly.

The EcoJohn Sr. Includes the following for installation: 8 ft chimney system (pipes, flashing, storm collar, roof support, firestop, and chimney cap). Additional lengths of vent pipe are available. All you would need to provide is a propane source and power - either 2 x 12 volt car batteries or 110V electric.

Height: 25 in
Width: 23 in
Depth: 34 in
Sitting Depth: 19 in
Weight: 132 lbs

For more information on installation download the EcoJohn Sr. Manual

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