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Empire Gas Space Heaters

Prices listed for Empire Heaters are represented as minimum advertised pricing. We will attempt to meet or beat any advertised or unadvertised pricing on Empire Heaters at our discretion.

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Empire Vent Free HeatersEmpire Vent Free Radiant HeatersEmpire Vent Free products are 99.9% fuel efficient and offer the ultimate in installation flexibility because no venting system is required. This is the perfect choice where there is no access to flues or chimneys and automatic shutoff devices make our vent-free products safe.
Empire Direct Free HeatersEmpire Direct Vent HeatersWith an Empire Direct Vent heating product, economy is increased by using outside air to support combustion. Inside air is warmed as it re-circulates around a sealed combustion chamber, and this warm air heats the room and reduces drafts. Direct Vent units are ideal where existing flues or chimneys cannot be used.
Empire B-Vent Free HeatersEmpire Vented HeatersEmpire's Conventional Vent (B-Vent) heaters connect to an existing flue and are vented vertically. The vent pipes are connected between the firebox and an existing chimney or flue to carry the products of combustion outside. It is perfect for replacing your current woodstove or for installations without access to an outside wall. One characteristic of conventional vent heating is that the product uses inside air to support combustion.

Of all heating sources available today, gas offers the most advantages, especially for those concerned with saving money and the environment. Gas is the cleanest burning fuel available and heats the area for a fraction of the cost of electricity. Those who heat with gas already know it provides the warmest and most comfortable heat. You avoid the mess an inconvenience of kerosene or wood, and if you've ever been caught in a power outage, you know the dependability that gas offers. While electricity keeps going out, gas heat keeps right on glowing and warming safely and dependably.

What size Empire heater do I need to heat my room?
There are many variables in determining the correct amount of heat. You should consult your local dealer/installer who can, firsthand, see the space to be heated and determine a size based on the type of construction, floor plan, and climate.

Does the venting come with the Empire DV models?
Venting is included on the following DV models: DV-210, DV-215, DV-25, DV-55, DVC-35, DV-20E, DV-40E, DV-55E, MV-120, MV-130, MV145 Most units have vent extension kits available.

Which units require electricity?
Units that require electricity to operate are: High-Efficient Direct Vent Wall Furnace, Vented Counterflow Wall Furnace, Direct Vent Counterflow Wall Furnace and Industrial Unit Heaters.

Which units come with blowers?
Most units have an optional blower available. Blowers are standard on the following units: Empire High-Efficient Direct Vent Wall Furnace DV-20E, DV-40E, DV-55E Empire Vented Counterflow Wall Furnace DVC-35, DV-55, FAW-40, FAW-55 Empire Vented Room Heaters RH-50B, RH-65B Empire Industrial Heaters

Does the blower increase efficiency?
The blowers designed as an integral part of the unit generally help a unit achieve a relatively high efficiency. (DV55 is 77% efficient AFUE). Optional or accessory blowers are used to move the warmed air around only, they do not increase the unit`s efficiency.

Can I use a remote control and a wall thermostat together?
It would depend on the type of unit you have. In general, both are offered as alternative controllers, they can be combined. Please consult with your owners manual or your dealer.

How far can the thermostat be from the Empire unit?
A unit that requires electricity to operate generally has a 24-volt thermostat as its controller. This thermostat can be a long way from the unit without worrying about wire size. For example, on 20 gauge or normal thermostat wire, the thermostat could be 50, 75, and if need be 100 feet away from the heating unit. A unit that operates off of a millivolt wall thermostat is generally limited due to the theater being able to produce 500 millivolts. 16 gauge wire is recommended up to about 20 feet and 14 gauge after that up to about 35 feet maximum (the thin wire and relatively long wire runs add resistance to the millivolt system which can keep the control valve from operating because of not enough voltage left at the valve).

How long will these units last (life expectancy)?
We have records that with proper maintenance and care, the units will last 10-20 years.

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