Lite Cylinder

Lite Cylinder

On May 24, 2013, The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued Emergency Order Number 2013-002 mandating a recall of all cylinders manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Company, Inc. (Lite Cylinder), Franklin, Tennessee, and marked as authorized under DOT-SP 14562 (and DOT-SP-13957 as authorized therein), DOT-SP 13105; any cylinder requalified under H706, and any cylinders manufactured under M5729. This recall order also applies to any person who is in possession of an affected packaging that is subject to this order.

The emergency order is based on an investigation of Lite Cylinder's operations and production history that revealed probable violations and unsafe conditions and practices that PHMSA determined present an imminent hazard to the public safety. In effect, this action immediately orders the removal from service of more than 55,000 two-piece fully wrapped fiber composite cylinders. These cylinders are largely in liquefied petroleum gas service.

PHMSA also terminated the above special permits and approvals for cylinder requalification, and manufacturer’s Registration Numbers.

All cylinder sizes are involved in this recall: 10#, 20#, 25# and 33#

Please note that the directive states "Under no circumstances should a cylinder described in this emergency recall order be filled, refilled, or used for the transportation of hazardous materials." The cylinder's identifying markings may be found on the label affixed to the dome of the cylinder.

To effectively comply with this recall, cylinder owners must:

1) Take proper safeguards in identifying and handling the affected cylinders identified in this order.

2) Cease use of all specified cylinders until notified of DOT response to Petition for Review.

3) Arrange to have all propane gas removed from cylinder. This should only be done by qualified persons, trained in handling cylinders in accordance with Federal regulations. (Note: All propane dispensing agents should meet this criteria.) This person must discharge all gas, purge, and remove the valve per the recall.

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