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RV Camper gas grill, lantern quick connect Buy Now $74.95
RV Appliance
Connection System
Our custom built RV / Camper gas connection system will solve your problem for adding an additonal appliance outside of your camper. This kit runs high pressure gas directly from your existing RV tank by splitting the connection at the tank. One end of the splitter will feed your existing POL pigtail that feeds gas into your camper regulator. The other end of the spitter is outfitted with a high quailty 1/4" hansen quick disconnect socket. Included in the package is a 15' propane hose with a male disposable cylinder connection x 1/4" male Hansen quick disconnect plug. From the diagram you can see how this systems assembles. This system will run any regulated appliance using a disposable cylinder such as a portable gas grill, cooktop, or lantern.

When the hose is disconnected from the splitter the quick connect will close and stop the gas flow.

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