• Bayou Classic Fajita Pan With Wooden Tray

    The Bayou Classic Fajita Pan with wooden tray, measures 14.75", end to end, and just over 7" across the bowl. Our Fajita plates are ideal for outdoor cooking & entertaining.

    These cast iron pans are superb for Fajita cooking and such a great id
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  • Bayou Classic Cast Iron Cornbread Pan

    The 'long time' traditional Bayou Classic Cast Iron Cornbread Pan is a must have item for cooking crispy cornbread; its simply perfect.

    This beautiful cast iron pan is 12" by 5" and has 7 molds that provide the perfect crusts for your cornbread
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  • Bayou Classic Lid Lifter

    The Bayou Classic heavy-duty cast iron Lid Lifter is ideal for avoiding burning yourself when lifting cast iron lids off their pot; it goes perfectly with the full range of Bayou cast iron cookware. More Info
  • Bayou Classic 6 Quart Covered Soup Pot

    The Bayou Classic 6-qt. cast iron soup pot with lid. This ideal shaped pot has a rounded interior with a flat bottom exterior making it ideal for cooking soups.

    Don't you just love the perfect slow cooked soup?
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  • Bayou Classic 2.5 Quart Covered Pot

    The Bayou Classic 2.5 quart cast iron covered pot is a really stylish little cast iron pot; its simply great for doing those little things like making your sauces; so for me its called my sauce pot.

    The handle on the cast iron lid is really he
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  • Bayou Classic Cast Iron Baking pan

    The Bayou Classic cast iron baking pan with two handles to help you to pick up the pan when its full, is 20" long by 11.5" wide and 3" deep. This cast iron pan is made of the highest grade cast iron; this is a perfectly sized multi purpose cast iron baki More Info
  • Bayou Classic Tripod Stand with chain & Tote Bag

    The Bayou Classic cast iron tripod stand with 49" steel rods, a chain and a tote bag works great over open fire; indeed if you're doing any cooking over an open fire this cast iron tripod stand is a must use item. More Info
Cast Iron Cookware
Cast iron cook ware to die for! If you're after a cast iron roaster, a cast iron pot, a cast iron grill, cast iron bakeware or maybe even a cornstick pan then we've got it.

Bayou Classic cast iron cook ware represents the very best value for money and the very highest quality.

In our cast iron cook ware collection we have: cast iron roasters , soup pots , cast iron covered pots , Gumbo bowls , Fajita pans , a cornbread pan and other cast iron Bakeware . All unsurpassed quality with a superb finish that matures beautifully with age and which last many a lifetime.

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