Mosquito Control

Choosing the the right mosquito control device, which model is right for me?


Mosquitos can be far more than a backyard nuisance. These disease-carrying insects spread harmful infections like malaria, yellow fever, West Nile and Zika. To reduce mosquito population in your yard you have several options. Pesticides are one option to reduce and eliminate mosquitos. However pesticides can be harmful and sometimes even dangerous to lawns, plant life, pets and humans. The best choice to control mosquitos in your yard is through CO2 emitting insect traps like the Mosquito Magnet and Skeeter Vac brands.


These traps utilize propane to create CO2 gas, which attracts mosquitos and other biting insects to the trap by mimicking the mosquitos next meal – your family. Through use of CO2 and attractants like Octenol and Lurex you can increase the effectiveness of catching and killing bugs by as much as ten times. Once lured in, mosquitos are vacuumed up into the machine and removed from your yard – for good.


Skeeter Vac and Mosquito Magnet machines work in similar manners, both utilizing propane to create CO2, and an attractant, either Lurex or Octenol to enhance the mosquito removal process. Prices for machines start in the $300-range and climb to more than double for high-end machines. Beyond catching mosquitos, both machines also aid in reducing midge, black fly and no-see-ums. Mosquito Magnet offers both corded and cordless machines, and even a wi-fi-enabled machine that allows maintenance and settings through your computer or tablet. Skeeter Vac models are generally more simple and only come in a cordless variety. Both brands claim to cover up to one acre of yard and are effective machines to reduce backyard mosquito populations. Mosquito Magnet offers repair through authorized service centers while Skeeter Vac only offers replacement for one year directly through the parent company, Blue Rhino. Some after-market vendors do offer SkeeterVac repair such as


To compare all of the features of Mosquito Magnet and Skeeter Vac, please reference our Mosquito and Insect Control Comparison Chart.

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