• Bayou Classic Cast Iron Square Skillet

    The Bayou Classic Cast Iron Square Skillet is perfect for searing and frying.

    The size of this cast iron frying pan is 10.5" wide x 2" deep.

    Cast iron skillets really help to bring out the full flavor in your cooking and this one i
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  • Bayou Classic 3 Quart Covered Skillet

    The Bayou Classic 3 Quart Deep Covered skillet has a cast iron lid and a small handle opposite the main handle for ease of use.

    This is a really handy multi purpose skillet that will enhance your outdoor cooking as it helps to impart wonderfu
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  • Bayou Classic 3 Piece Skillet Set

    The Bayou Classic 3 Piece Skillet Set comprises of 3 skillets, one 6", one 8" and one 10" skillet. These are the smaller sizes of skillets that you're going to find most useful; this is the perfect cast iron frying pan set.

    It makes sense to
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  • Bayou Classic 12" Cast Iron Skillet

    The Bayou Classic 12"x 2� Cast Iron Skillet is one of the most often used sizes of cast iron frying pan; it is the ideal size for the family; perhaps only equaled by the 14" cast iron skillet. More Info
  • Bayou Classic 14" Cast iron Skillet

    The Bayou Classic 14" by 2 �" Cast Iron Skillet is the perfect 'larger family' sized cast iron frying pan for searing and frying.

    Treated well these cast iron frying pans will last for generations. Your Grand children will be proud to use the
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  • Bayou Classic 20" Round Jumbo Skillet

    The Bayou Classic 20" Cast Iron Skillet with 3" sides is our Jumbo model.

    It is absolutely perfect for searing and frying when cooking for large groups.

    This enormous cast iron frying pan comes with 2 handles to make moving it arou
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Cast Iron Frying Pans
The Bayou Classic Cast Iron frying pan is part of Bayou Classic's beautiful range of Cast Iron Skillets. Our cast iron frying pans are some of our most popular items; their value is superb, their longevity unequaled and their quality second to non.

A cast iron frying pan makes cooking a breeze; they're very special. Our cast iron skillets come individually or in sets and in sizes ranging from 'humble' to 'jumbo'; they also come in round and square formats.

A cast iron fry pan is really great for the proverbial fry-up and that 20" jumbo skillet is formidable when there is a crowd! Start building your cast iron cookware set today See our Cast Iron cook ware and Cast Iron Dutch Oven by following the link.

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