Cast Iron Griddles

  • Bayou Classic 14" square griddle

    The Bayou Classic reversible cast iron square griddle is 14" by 14" by 1"; its simply wonderful. If you love cast iron cookware then you cannot be without a cast iron square.

    This highly functional cast iron griddle has two grilling surfaces:
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  • Bayou Classic 28" by 14" Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

    The Bayou Classic 28" by 14" reversible cast iron griddle is superb, its size and its quality and the fact that its reversible makes it amazing.

    This cast iron rectangular grill is perfect for when entertaining larger groups. It has two differe
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  • Bayou Classic 14" Reversible Cast Iron Round Griddle

    The Bayou Classic 14" Reversible Cast Iron Round Griddle is really, really useful and is such beautiful quality.

    This Cast Iron Griddle has two grilling surfaces: one side of the griddle is ribbed for steaks and chicken; the other is flat so
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Cast Iron Griddles
The Bayou Classic Cast Iron Griddle is a dream quality griddle. You can use a Bayou Classic cast iron griddles on your grill, camp fire or stove top; they are made of the very best quality cast iron and are great value for money.

Our cast iron griddles come come in 3 shapes and sizes. We have a cast iron square griddle, a cast iron round griddle and a cast iron rectangular griddle all of which are double sided giving you added value and flexibility Use the ridged side for grilling steaks or chicken and the flat side for pancakes or toasted sandwiches.

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